We train naturally our hearing, our view, our taste, our sense of touch …

Music, painting, art of cooking, sculpture, so many artistic disciplines we learn from our youngest age.

What about the sense of smell? This is the only sense directly connected to our feelings and memories, it brings us  in few  thousandth seconds in another space time.


Radiant, vibrant, attractive, sensual, addictive, deep, intense, powerful, elegant, unforgettable, the lexical field of fragrances is infinite.


We love perfumes, they inspire us, let us pass on their magic to you!

You certainly got it, our way to train goes far beyond transmitting traditional information.

It is about emotions, conviction and this leads to deep understanding and knowledge of perfumes...















Because each individual & companies needs are unique, we work only on fully “Bespoke programs”.

So take a deep breath and succumb with us to the unlimited power of perfumes.


Discover the marvels of olfaction and the secrets of the perfumery industry

Explore the mysteries of this unexpected and subtle sense

Find out about trends, history, perfumers

Connect with your feelings, your sensations, learn a new language

Vibrate during our interactive workshops, experience raw materials, chemistry, composition


Share our passion…


Brands, distributors, retailers.


Individual or in-group. From 3 hours to 2 days.

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