Elixir – Eau de Parfum

Elixir tells stories about emotional travels and discoveries, full of shared memories, imbued with warm feelings and serenity.

The 24 Elixir line encapsulates the subtlety of traveling emotions. Inviting us through the scented pages of a traveller’s diary, each scent revives the treasured memory of a journey filled with scented emotions, the freedom of the wanderer, the magic of encounters and the richness of personal discoveries.

Sophisticated and highly concentrated fragrances: Eau De Parfum
24 Elixir Gold: An exhilarating spicy sweet fragrance, a mysterious blend of Cardamom, saffron and honey on an underlying woody base, an Arabian wanderlust. I rose with the sun, carried away by an imperceptible scent flitting around in the warm desert breeze. I could feel the lightness of the sand under my feet and smell the spicy notes of the rosy dawn. I walked slowly toward the glittering dune, mesmerized by the finesse of the arabesques drawn in the sand. The fragrant night wind was a magician.

24 Elixir Platinum: A deep, musky and zesty trail of frankincense and lemon, amber and chamomile, soft Russian leather and sensual vanilla. A generous and contrasted fragrance, as green, lush and vibrant with verdant life as an exotic garden. Whilst wandering through the surreal garden, my thoughts were with the artist who had originally planted, tamed and arranged it patiently, until it became a perfectly balanced symphony. Was he a painter? A musician? A perfumer? His creation was a sensory delight. Its rich fragrance was both indefinable and unforgettable.

24 Elixir Azur: A generous fruity woody trail with warm hints of lavender. An invitation to a road trip in a vintage sports car through the countryside of the French Riviera. It was like blending in the backdrop from a 1960 French movie as I was driving on those little-used roads winding their way up and down through the unspoilt Provencal countryside. Shaded orchard-covered hills exhaling their leafy fruity fragrances alternating with lanes of fragrant purple lavender fields; the sweet scent of jasmine mingling with blossoming orange trees… the road was slowly unveiling its generous fragrance trail.

24 Elixir Ambrosia: The scent of happiness in full bloom, irresistibly sweet and musky. An exhilarating blend of garden flowers and spices on a musky base, with underlying notes of mouthwatering praline. A dive into beautifully scented childhood memories. I walked around the bush of wild roses where we used to play hide and seek. The scent of freesia, roses and musky woods coupled with the memory of the sweet feast we would inevitably have hidden in the greenhouse was irresistible. I sat comfortably in the shade of the tall cypress as we used to do and savoured the moment.

24 Elixir Neroli: A warm, serene and intriguing hesperidic woody fragrance. The magic of delicate orange blossom notes blending with white flowers and green herbs, on a comforting base of fresh tobacco leaves. I entered the narrow streets of the barrio. Gems of gardens were hiding behind high whitewashed walls, only given away by mischievous notes of fruity fragrances. I boldly pushed a heavily studded wooden door, revealing the most sumptuous patio, covered in green mosaic and shaded by a majestic blossoming orange tree that was putting the ultimate touch to this unforgettable scented picture.

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