The iconic range which built the brand.

24 is about a breathtaking, passionate quest across the world which carries us away to unexpected locations. Each perfume is the encapsulated memory of a journey, rich in emotion and discoveries. 24 tells us about the spirit of adventure, generosity, scented experiences and long-lasting memories.


Elixir tells stories about emotional travels, full of shared memories and discoveries.

This line invites us through the scented pages of a traveler’s diary, each fragrance revives the treasured memory of a journey filled with emotions, the freedom of the wanderer, the magic of encounters and the richness of personal discoveries.

Highly concentrated fragrances: Eau De Parfum


Ice Gold is about Individual quests and explorations, personal challenges imbued with intensity.

This line describes the adventurous facet of the journey, the taste for challenges and rewarding successes. It is an invitation to take the plunge and become this fantasized traveler who explores the world as an adventurer, on a constant quest for intense moments and thrilling experiences.

Really nice opening ! Obviously a spring, summer scent, good compliment giver. Gents S.

Gold Oud Ediiton, Frankly, I thought how much better can this be than the original(?) a fragrance which was right up my street, sweet, fruity, gourmand but resinous, woody and creamy with vanilla. Well Scent story have managed to nail it again! [...] This is stunning juice and a perfectly welcome addition to my collection despite owning the original. [...] Huge projection and longevity as expected...just get it! H

Oh my god, definitely nice, I am giving that scent an 8/10 easy ! Rio C

So strong! I sprayed that one at 2pm and it lasted until the next morning! If you remember Game of Thrones season 1, when Khal Drogo, the desert warrior guy jumped up a pot of molten gold on the Targaryen. It does really brought that back to me when I smelled it. 4.5/5. Alex M.o.S

This is a fantastic scent, from one of my favorite houses, Scentstory have brought none but niche fragrances. Lex E.

I got my sample in the mail today and it is amazing! very very long lasting and the smell changes slightly after its been worn for a good while and it becomes more fruity. what a scent! MechR.

I LOVEEEEE!!!! It. Just imagine your own scream there [...] People can smell it on me 6 feet away with one spray even after 4 to 5 hours. The girls love this scent. It's perfect when it's cold and they just snuggle next to you when going on dates like going ice skating or whatever. It leaves an amazing sillage. I remember other girls eyeing me while on the ice rink. Abhi K

Dear Scentstory, I continue to be impressed/astonished at the level and manner in which you treat your customers. I have had nothing but positive interactions with the customer service team which reflects on the company as a whole. Your level of professionalism and courtesy far exceed the industry norms. No doubts this has contributed to the success of the company as a whole. Your customer service department is THE BEST I've ever experienced in terms of treating customers as if they were family.... Respectfully, Andrew P - UK

Hi Scentstory team, Good morning, I am very pleased with the service and the quality of 24 gold. I was actually thinking to get Gold Oud edition. Can you please give me more informations about the performances ? Thank you Bilal H. UAE

I love your 24 Gold. I have over 100 fragrances in my collection and 24 Gold is my absolute best perfume, I love it so much I spray it on before I go to bed. I love how good it makes me feel and the attention you get when you have it on. Once again, Love your 24 Gold and your perfume House. A+++ Thank you very much! Antonio V – Canada

Very different from 24 Gold. VERY strong. The best overall feeling I get is a intense honey amber. Intense honey... with a sprinkling of coconut. The coconut is very mild. Oddly at times it smells exactly like a pack of honeyed pipe tobacco with a slight rose. N

Just received the sample. Wow this is an amazing scent. Its a whole new line of 24 by scentstory. Floral sweet aromatic type of Fragrance. Not heavy on floral type but the bergamote and jasmine and apple is just has rose but not strong. This can be on hermes un jardin line. Got that vibe of garden smell then walking on fruit stand. Very elegant scent. Perfect on spring. Btw their is more than 3 notes in this Fragrance. Longevity is great. V.

24 Elixir Gold by ScentStory! Great Value Gourmand! Great for fall, winter, day or night. Fragrance B

Platinum Oud Edition, I absolutely love this fragrance. Freshly cut roses surrounded by a smokey floral aroma...gorgeous for the price. Longevity is 6 hrs at least, projection is moderate, just the way I like it. S

I can tell you, they are all great [...] the ScentStory 24 is a very solid line! Max F

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