…‘let me tell you my story’….


Fragrances and I

Are fragrances daring enough…unique enough? Why do people enjoy wearing all the same scents? What can I bring to fragrance lovers? So many questions... partially answered in 2008, when I founded ScentStory. Through 24, and all our compositions, we wish to create high quality fragrances that make you stand out without having to rob a bank.


Fragrances and You

Ten years later, we take pride in providing you with exceptional perfumes which evoke unique moments. Fragrances are the perfect medium to express our feelings and emotions.  They define who we are, reveal  our mood and personality.  Using your story, paired with our expertise and creativity, you will be able to design your unique fragrance, offering an unforgettable scented memory to your friends, clients and of course, yourself.


Fragrances and us

Additionally, our highly experienced fragrance experts would be glad to to conduct fragrance trainings to introduce you to the wonderful world of fragrances.


Be unique and let our journey continue…. Gabriel Chami

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